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A lthough my interest in words, books, and writing came early in life, I didn’t get around to becoming a children’s author until I was established as a museum-based and freelance science educator. Writing books is a perfect way to channel all that I was able to learn from hanging out with a bunch of creative people at the Museum of Science in Boston, developing fun learning activities for learners of all ages, collaborating with teachers to find interesting ways of bringing science to life for students, and developing exhibits.

Now I split the career side of my life between writing books for kids and working with teachers, schools, districts, museums, business, and other organizations on STEM Education, through my consulting organization, Blue Heron STEM Education.

Blue Heron STEM Education Consulting

Blue Heron STEM Education began in 2008, when retired Grade 5 science and math teacher, Deborah Dempsey, and I decided to commit full time to helping find ways to support great, inquiry-based, learner-centered teaching. Since then, Deb retired and my engineer husband joined Blue Heron. Along with a talented network of colleagues, we work through Blue Heron to bring meaningful, standards-based, learner-centered STEM and STEAM education to schools and other organizations. Learn more about our dynamic curriculum development, professional development programming, and other work by visiting Blue Heron STEM Education’s website.

Author Visits

I get to mix it all together during my author visits, which are one of my favorite things to do. I work with audiences of all ages and promise to have some hands-on interaction that will help bring my books to life. I offer several programs, ranging in topics from Leonardo da Vinci and his STEAM Notebooks (based on my first book, Leonardo’s ABC) to Discovering Black Holes (based on the highly acclaimed A Black Hole is NOT a Hole) to Engineer It! (Based on the science and engineering that appears in all of my books.)

I work with you, the visit host, to tailor a program to meet your needs. Please give me a shout and I’ll be glad to fashion a program that will meet your needs.