Big Bang! The Tongue-Tickling Tale of a Speck That Became Spectacular

9781570916199Essential science expanding inquisitive minds.

Once upon a time, the universe was very, very small. Smaller than a “freckle on a flea.” And then it got bigger. In one instant it got a lot bigger. In this energetic exploration of the Big Bang theory—how the universe began, what happened between then and now, and where it seems to be going—readers young and old will gain an understanding of the way the universe works, and just how very big it is. This is an adventure in physics that defies the confines of thirty-two pages.

Brilliant illustrations make the universe seem like a fast, furious, and fun frenzy of a party. Bright, kinetic paintings and photos (even some from the Hubble Telescope) convey the endless motion and activity of space and everything in it.

Geared especially for kids in grades 3-5, but a great resource for any space/universe library.

Named a Notable Book by the International Reading Association

Big Bang! was named a Science Books and Film Best Book for Junior High and High School Readers in 2005

Recommended by the National Science Teachers Association

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